Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting back into shape.

Maybe I should I have titled it "Getting into shape". I was on a great kick a few months ago, I was doing Spin twice a week, work out videos at home, and watching what I ate. I became so busy when I got engaged (trying to book the big stuff and researching things like photographers for hours) I let myself slip. Well now I have most of the "big" stuff booked so I have a little more time to focus on myself. I plan on going back to Spin this week (a dreadful 5:30am class) and I plan on starting to run again (the weather is warm so no excuses) I would like to be about 5-8llbs lighter by this September. We plan on taking engagement pictures and I don't want my weight to show in my face. I'm not sure if anyone reads this (probably not) but writing this out makes me feel better.
I struggle with 5 pounds. Its like I have to watch every bite and double my workouts. Trying to find a happy medium. Going to try to make it thru the week.

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