Monday, September 20, 2010

Starting to Run (again)

I just started to run. I'm a lousy runner. Does it ever get better? Can you improve the more you practice? Anyone?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Count down is on!

So, I have been focused on getting some inches off my body because the fiance and I are scheduled to take engagement pictures on Oct. 7th. I will find out tomorrow if this will be the date because of my fiance's work schedule. Anyways, I had a week of VERY VERY bad eating. Since my parents were out of town, I decided to have a few guests over. ( I had some social favors to return) Of course that consisted of "junk food" eating. Yesterday, the fiance and I enjoyed the day apple picking at Smolak Farms in North Andover, Ma. We purchased the Apple Cider donuts and we ate the whole bag (6 donuts) in that afternoon. We also had some of the homemade Dutch Apple icecream. So as you could see, yesterday was FAT KID SATURDAY. We should have just ate the apples.
Anyways, I know this might sound like I am too hard on myself but I'm not, I'm being realistic. I have a CHUBBY face. Yes, I do!! I'm about 5'2" and I am about a size 4-6 (not bad) but I do carry some of my weight in my face. I know this because about 6 years ago, I was at where I was now. After a few episodes in my life, I had lost some weight and I saw pictures from 6 years ago and 4 years ago. Big difference in my face!!!
So this may sound a little crazy, but I'm not so much concerned about loosing pounds, I need to loose inches. I have about less than 3 weeks. Now I know that no one knows about my silly little blog but any advise would be great. I'm planning on stepping up my game and staying away from the junk food. I'm going to have to stay away from my usual pasta dishes.
Well I'm off to do some Yoga while my fiance sleeps away. (he had a bad headache last night)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Diet and Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Well my diet is going pretty good. (I had a little hickup yesterday)
Tonight I had brown rice with a thin slice of steak cut up. I cut up green olives with 3 tablespoons of olive oil and some salt and added them into this risotto. It was really delish.

Yesterday, I made a big boo boo. On Monday, my fiance wanted to make a cupcake in an ice cream cone. So what he did was poor the cake batter into the cones and baked them in the oven. He added vanilla frosting to the top and put sprinkles on top. It looked just like an ice cream cone. Well I should I thrown them away yesterday but instead, when I got home from work I had one to eat. The next stupid thing I did was pull out my 30 Day Shred and did 30 minutes of that. After, that I took a quick shower and I started to feel overtired. I had to lay down and then my stomach started to hurt. I felt like crap and very weak. I spent the rest of the night running to the bathroom and vomitting. I finally had to just sleep it off. The sugar high did me no good.

Tomorrow, I plan on going to spin at 6am (I should have gone this morning but after last night, NO!) and after work I am going shopping for bridesmaid dresses. I have no idea what I want my girls to wear but I am sure it will be a lot of fun!