Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hiding from Cookies

I swear when I'm on a roll with my good eating, out a nowhere a cookie turns up. Its almost impossible to resist!
So I am a member of Planet Fitness, I say member because I pay membership fees but don't actually use it. I do take Spin at a smaller place that just does Spin/Yoga and a few other classes. Since it is the summer time, I would rather run outside than go to PL to run on the trendmill. I'm not the best runner (well I am not a runner at all actually) but I'm trying to build up to it. I want to run outside but there is a heat wave going on in Boston. So hot, like don't leave your air conditioned house if you don't have to. I checked the weather and the heatwave doesn't look like it will end soon (eh). So now, I don't know what to do. I could wake up at the crack of dawn or jog at 9 at night. Usually, it would cool down at night but nope! Not this week. I think tomorrow, I'll suck it up and get my butt to PL and run on the trendmill (in AC). I've been going to spin (brownie points for me) (I shouldn't say brownie, thats fattening, I should say "Carrot points! ha)

BTW, I booked my Wedding photographer!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to stop talking about it now or else I'm going to go to bed with wedding stuff on the mind and won't sleep. Till next time...

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