Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Managing Stress!

Okay, my week so far... new software system at work (no one knows how to use it), wedding plans, and looking for a home, make-up appointments and social life. Seriously, shoot me. My hunny is off playing poker with friends so I am taking the night to just relax.
I got a mani and pedi after work (relaxing) and now I am going to tidy up a bit and get ready for bed early.
My parents are off to Switzerland and Italy at the end of this month so I'm planning a couple of get togethers at my house. I have about a 100 social favors to pay back. Anyways, I'm going to sit in bed and write out my menu for my little parties. I'm only going to have pickies and drinks. I'm trying to come up with ideas on quick, easy and cheap ways to make food. I have this book, The Taste of HOme Cookbook. I picked it up at Marshall's for $10 a few months ago. I haven't had the chance to use it since I picked it up. I'd love some ideas. Hopefully, the book helps.
Well I am off to get ready for bed, I am hoping to get my butt up early tomorrow. Not sure why I can't wake up in the morning.
Until next time....I'll let you know about my menu :)

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