Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rain, Rain and more Rain

I've been lacking on my posts (Anyone miss me????)
Very busy few days, my parents are getting ready to leave tomorrow for their month long trip. Loving forward to having some peace and quiet in the house. I'll actually be able to do somethings that will not include remarks from my parents :) Do you think there are too many adults in this house? You thought right.

My fiance and I have thought about how our future will pan out in the next 13 months until our wedding. He has been over stressed these past few weeks (to the point where I started to worry) I stepped up and put my WOMAN foot down and decided we should hold off on the house hunt until after we are married. We will each spend the next few months at home saving money and at the end of next winter, we'll look for an apartment. I'm hoping the apartment hunt will go much better than the house hunt.

Anyways, rain rain and more rain its been in Boston. One good thing is that I've been hitting the sack a little early (something that I need to get back to doing) I even thought about going to spin tomorrow morning. (If I can get my butt up at 4:50am)

So I'm just going to walk my butt into bed now and watch a little TV before I go into dreamland.

Goodnight all.

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